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Sidney 29th October 2007 01:54

ASUS EN8800GT 512MB video card review
Rather than simply using this shrink to produce a far smaller GPU core than the behemoth that is G80, much of this reduction in size has been put back into increasing transistor count and adding certain functionality to G92. Most notably, the video processing engine, which had its own die (dubbed NVIO) on previous GeForce 8800 boards, is now integrated as part of the GPU core itself in a more traditional fashion. As well as this, the video engine aboard G92 has been updated to utilise the 'VP2' processing capabilities previously seen on NVIDIA's mid-range G84 core, giving boards based around G92 full hardware accelerated playback of High Definition content encoded using VC-1 and H.264 formats, albeit minus the initial bitstream processing and decoding functionality in hardware for VC-1 content available on some ATI parts. id=27

Kougar 29th October 2007 03:43

Interesting... according to the review a 8800GT starts out with 128 stream processors, but has one cluster disabled to make 112... would imagine they would be saving those 128 stream processor capable cards for a future model? Perhaps that "rumored" 8800GTS refresh?

Did I mention great choice of cover art? ;)

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