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jmke 8th October 2008 06:51

Asus Eee PC S101 Preview
Opening the flap reveals the Eee PC S101's striking metallic burnt orange lid a massive change from the black and white casing used on the older Eee PCs. It's already clear that Asus has changed direction with the S101 and we think that it's for the better. However, we're sure that some won't like the burnt orange we've heard that Asus will be offering a number of lid options, including graphite and champagne, along with the metallic burnt orange on the model we looked at.

Asus is aiming this particular Eee PC more at the corporate types that want the portability of an Eee, but want something a bit more stylish I'm sure that's what most of us would prefer, anyway. I was never really a big fan of the original Eee PC's design, but the new model has really got me interested in the netbook market all over again.

The S101 is 264mm long, 180.5mm deep and between 18 and 25mm thick, which makes for a pretty svelte appearance, but it's not as thin as some of the new ultra slim notebooks like the MacBook Air or Lenovo's ThinkPad X300. However, at its thickest, it is thinner than Sony's incredibly stylish TZ-series notebooks and the TZ and bulky don't belong in the same sentence.

Although there were no scales to hand when we looked at the Eee PC S101, Asus claims that it weighs about 1kg with the battery attached. Luckily, I had my trusty IBM ThinkPad X60s to hand, complete with the standard four-cell battery, which weighs about 1.25kg. It felt a bit heavier than the S101 with the new Eee in one hand and my X60s in the other, but the difference wasn't so profound that it was like holding a feather in one and a brick in the other.

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