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jmke 1st April 2008 10:51

ASUS EAH3870 X2 1GB TOP Problems
Unlike all the other 3870 X2 cards we have seen thus far, this ASUS model sports four dual-link DVI ports as well as a standard HDTV output connection. Not only that, but the clocks on it are faster than the reference too: 850 MHz core and 950 MHz memory speeds. The cooler is also unique and is able to keep the card cooler than the stock design while remaining just as quiet.

So on paper at least, the card is a great buy. But my time spent with it has been troubling. After testing two different samples, each on three different test setups in our lab, with three different driver versions on each combined configuration, I have to officially warn our readers to stay away from this product. The card was not stable in any of those configurations, exhibiting crashes not only in single runs 3DMark06 but also in titles such as Bioshock, Call of Juarez and others. The crashes came in the form of blue screens, black screens and error messages about DX9 or DX10 calls.

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