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jmke 1st July 2004 18:19

Asus AX800 Pro (Radeon X800 Pro)
It has been a few weeks since ATi officially unveiled their Radeon X800 line of graphics cards based on the GPU formerly codenamed R420. In our initial look at the Radeon X800 Pro and X800 XT Platinum Edition back in May, we found ATi's latest flagship GPUs to be very capable performers, besting their previous high-end product, the Radeon 9800 XT, in virtually every benchmark we ran. Image quality was also on par with the 9800 XT, which is to say it was very good. A few day prior to ATi's launch, products based on NVIDIA's NV4x had also debuted, and they too offered huge performance gains and improved image quality over the previous generation. When our testing was complete, it was clear to us that both ATi and NVIDIA had compelling products on tap, but the hardware we tested in those articles were first-run reference boards, and the drivers were early revisions that were the first to support each company's new architecture. These "first looks" are great for assessing general performance and spotlighting new features, but it's not until actual retail products hit the shelves and the drivers go through a few revisions, that we can truly assess a product and offer a rating. Fortunately, that day has arrived. Today we have a showcase for you, of the first retail X800 Pro to arrive in our labs, the Asus AX800 Pro/TD.

And these cards are actually available in .BE too now! :)

BZRK 1st July 2004 20:56

Haha, since when do they give webcams with your graphics card :D

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