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jmke 5th October 2006 09:09

Asetek releases low cost all-in-one Liquid Cooling Solution
?The LCLC solution is an ultra compact, self-contained, highly reliable, and integrated liquid cooling solution, which offers high performance at really low noise levels?, states Martin Schousboe, VP of Sales at Asetek. ?Almost 3 years in the making we can now present a superior technology platform that requires no service after sales and an easy instalment. Also important for OEM customers our solution offers high form factor flexibility, daisy-chain options, lifetime of 50.000 hours and cost efficiency?.

Founder and CEO Andr? S. Eriksen has firm confidence in Asetek?s ability to spearhead the OEM market?s transition to liquid cooled platforms: ?Correctly manufactured, tested and validated the use of liquid cooling in various PC platforms is no more dramatic than when the car industry turned to liquid to cool the engine block of cars. We have firsthand knowledge of the quality, reliability and lifetime expectations in the computer OEM market and there is not a shadow of doubt that we can meet these expectations with the LCLC solutions?.

Founded in 1997 Asetek is a world leading manufacturer of vapor phase and liquid cooled thermal management solutions. During a decade Asetek has grown very strong brand names VapoChill? and WaterChill? to be the favorite choice of enthusiast grade cooling solutions. The VapoChill? and WaterChill? product lines have won more than 200 international press awards.


Traditionally, liquid cooling was only relevant for the enthusiast markets - that is until Asetek?s solution. Up until now liquid cooling systems have always had one or more drawbacks, such as being bulky and built of many separate components interconnected by a lot of hoses, high cost, insufficient reliability and life span.

All this is history now, as Asetek has changed the standard for how liquid cooling is made, thereby making liquid cooling a compelling choice for any OEM or ODM.

Based on its proprietary IP, Asetek has developed a small, integrated device that offers not only the value proposition for the OEM and ODM, but also for the end user:
* Integrated pump, reservoir and cold plate in one compact device that is smaller than a traditional heat sink
* Fast and foolproof Installation at the OEM, as it is mounted the same way and with the same means as current solutions
* Very few joints, which eliminates potential leaks
* Sealed and charged for its lifetime, with no worries about leaks or liquid evaporation
* Industry standard maintenance-free lifetime of 50,000 hours! (certified by independent lab)
* The possibility of daisy chaining cold plates can provide cooling for multiple components, such as 2x CPU or CPU plus graphics
* Building block principle. The solution can be tailored to accommodate different form factors, performance and noise levels. Possibility for system board cooling, for instance, cooling several components on a graphics card
* For the first time, the cost of liquid cooling can compete with that of high end air cooling

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