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jmke 16th September 2009 07:57

Arctic Cooling PRO/TC 80, 92, 120 mm Fans
Arctic Cooling has always been a leader in quiet PC cooling devices. By utilizing a completely new innovation Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Sharing Technology (PST), these fans have the ability to control all of your Arctic Cooling fans and further reduce the noise level of your chassis.

Now the next question is, 'What is PST?'. PST works with all Arctic Cooling's PWM fans, in effect daisy chaining them to one PWM controller on your motherboard. When the CPU temperature increases instead of just ramping up the CPU fan it ramps up all fans that are connected. Visit Arctic Cooling website to get a bit better explanation, HERE.

We not going to just review one type of fan here at Bjorn3d, in fact we have two types of fans from Arctic Cooling. The other type is a TC (Temperature Controlled) fan. These types of fans work in conjunction to temperature sensor that is hard wired to the fan, as the sensor warms up it speeds up the fan. When the temperatures of that sensor go down the fan speed reduces.

These fans are designed for chassis. With out further ado, lets see what makes these fans differ from the other types of fans out there, and hopefully see what makes them tick. I just need to remember to keep my fingers away from the moving blades of the fan, LOL.

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