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jmke 2nd April 2006 14:31

April Fool's Hoaxes of 2006
Google, has added some visitors to Area 51 and a dog at the Whitehouse, in Google Earth. Also, they have started a dating service, Google Romance. In a more subtle trick, they also had their front page displaying their generic Google logo without any embellishments (normally, the logo changes from day to day highlighting some current event or season, especially during the olympics or on normal holidays). Although their GMail logo is well displaying the fact that today is its second birthday. -- more @ remote link

jmke 2nd April 2006 14:37


VRT news in Belgium announced that the government would be distributing free coupons for a sun tanning session, in an effort to help people with spring fatigue caused by the long winter. Candidates were asked to call a particular phone number.
I must have missed that :)

The Senile Doctor 2nd April 2006 15:26

and a lot of them did :)
I heard some people already trying to make appointments, asking to go on monday and thursday and saturday with the coupons of their husband and sister and such :)

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