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jmke 22nd May 2008 14:52

Apple Macintosh Continues to Gain Popularity in U.S. Retail
Apple Macintosh computers continued to gain popularity in the USA, according to market tracking company NPD. But while the overall market share remains on approximately the same level as a year ago, the market share among systems that cost $1000 and over is whopping 66%.

According to NPD, the share of Apple Macintosh personal computers was 14% in the U.S. retail in Q1 2008 with Mac desktops and Mac notebooks commanding 14% of their respective markets. Perhaps, 14% is hardly impressive, but what is important is that 2/3 of customers willing to pay for their systems over $1000 prefer Apple Macintosh and not Windows-based personal computer. It should be kept in mind that Apple sells only two Mac items at below $1000 price-point Mac mini systems for $599 and $799 which boosts overall spending on Macintosh systems.

jmke 22nd May 2008 14:52

Thorgal where is that Hackint0sh article dude :D

thorgal 22nd May 2008 16:20

The dude is busy, will get to it asap :D

jmke 22nd May 2008 16:26

tsss kids and work, where are you priorities, Mac is cooler than both! :D

jmke 22nd May 2008 22:00

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now you've done it, running OSX Leopard :/

thorgal 22nd May 2008 22:52


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 170306)
now you've done it, running OSX Leopard :/

Good boy :naughty: See, no guide needed :D

jmke 22nd May 2008 22:56

the OS visuals are functionally cool compared to uselessly bloated with Vista.
driver install however can be a PITA; if they invest money in that I'm sure they will push a lot more copies of OSX Leopard used on whatever PC than Vista for home users

jmke 23rd May 2008 00:57

Mosaic screensaver is impressive :D

thorgal 23rd May 2008 09:48

You were quick to discover the mosaic screen saver :) It's cool indeed but you get tired of it after a while.

Driver installation for OSX86 can be a pain indeed, as OSX is not intended for use on different hardware than Apple provides. However, for most aspects there is a solution. The insanelymac forums are an excellent wiki for all driver related issues.

Enjoy your new PC John :D

PS: I use OSX professionally as well, actually mainly professionally, no reason to limit it for home use. It's stable as hell, even on X86, there's just some digging and general knowledge required to get it to work...

jmke 23rd May 2008 10:57

none-networked small business then;)
living proof @ work in Brussels were two guys insist on using their Macbook, they can't run any of the company software on it, can't fill out their holidays, approve requests, use the company's main program (which they sell to clients) etc. very nice :D

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