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jmke 28th September 2007 11:15

Antec P182 Computer Case
There are just so many computer case manufacturers with such a variety in models and styles, it's really starting to confuse the consumer -- I mean, there's probably more diversity in this area than there are cars on the street. However, there's really one case from one manufacturer that stands out from the rest today -- famous for silence, simplicity in aesthetics, detail of design, reputation for performance, and mainstream pricing -- in fact, it's so popular among our readers that it really pushed me to get one to try one out. If you already have an answer in your head, you probably guessed it -- the P182 'Performance One' series case from Antec. Built upon the Antec P180, this improved version comes in a slightly different color by default and promises much better cabling capabilities without whipping out any power equipment. So, what's the craze all about, and should you get one as well? We'll dig into the details in our review today.

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