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jmke 12th April 2006 09:35

Antec Minuet 300 Case
The Antec name tends to be synonymous with quality enclosures. Antec's "Lifestyle" series cases are created with quiet operation and stylish looks as their primary focus. These cases are actually all named after different kinds of music and dance and include the Sonata (also known as several movements of a musical piece), Overture (also known as a type of introductory opening instrumental), Aria (also known as a song for a solo voice), and Minuet (also a popular first couples dance in the 1600's). Conveniently enough, the Minuet is not only the smallest case of the Lifestyle series, but is also the shortest type of music compared to the rest. With this little bit of a music history lesson, you can see that Antec's Minuet 300 enclosure fits right in with the music theme. Join HardwareLogic as we take you on a close visual tour of Antec's latest incarnation of the Minuet enclosures, the Minuet 300

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