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jmke 26th October 2009 13:19

AMD vs Intel - The Gaming Sweetspot
Returning to our initial analogy, referring the violent clashes of two opposites featuring Cyborgs that want to anihilate all humans and the Resistance who are fighting back to prevent their demise. Based on our conclusion, it would appear as though we reached a slight anticlimax where just when both sides were face to face ready to fire at will, they stopped, agreed that they both have their own merits, called a truce and walked into the sunset hand in hand. At any rate, I do apologise for the tame outcome but this is it I guess. Thankfully in a business context, there will never be a ceasefire between these two titans and so the consumer can always count on continuous product development and competitive pricing.

AMD has surely enough got it right from a value for money point of view but would it suit you?

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