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jmke 6th October 2006 09:21

AMD Validates 65nm Production of Chartered
Advanced Micro Devices has validated 65nm process technology of Chartered Semiconductor, according to media reports. Theoretically, AMD may start commercial production of chips using 65nm capacities of the Singapore-based chipmaker.

A news-story at DigiTimes web-site citing industrial sources claim that Singapore-based Chartered Semiconductor’s “65nm central processing unit production” has been validated by AMD. The latter is planning to start selling 65nm chips produced by Chartered only in the second half of 2007, the report notes.

Rutar 6th October 2006 13:46

Second half of 2007? Geeez, that is late.

duploxxx 9th October 2006 11:22

you don't get the way amd is changing their playground, it is simple.

fab30 90nm, chatered 90nm
fab 36 changing to 65nm, when full produktion fab36 they change fab30 to 38, meanwhile chatered produktion is 90nm high-end chips fab36 makes the bulk of produktion on 65nm, half 2007 all cpu's are on 65nm so they change chatered to 65nm.

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