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jmke 25th January 2006 11:15

AMD's Secret Weapon: Innovative Silicon Inc?
L2 cache continues to increase as time moves on and fabrication processes become more and more advanced. For consumer side products, using SRAM may still be practical, but what about for server and enterprise class systems. This is where I believe AMD is attempting to leverage their partnership with Innovative Silicon. This partnership will allow AMD to use much more memory, with the same die-size and performance, which looks to be an increasing concern to their server and enterprise class machines. Donít expect to see such technology used in AMDís consumer grade processors, AMD will surely test this process out on lower volume CPUs, such as their Opteron line Ė which should also see the biggest performance increase from such use. Especially as we move forward with dual-core processors (and more!), there will become a greater need for on-die cache, and this is where Innovative Silicon, and their flagship product, Z-Ram, come into play. Letís take a look at the technology behind this announcement.

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