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Sidney 12th May 2005 05:19

AMD reckons it has year lead over Intel on dual core
CHIP FIRM AMD held a press conference here in Monaco. It believes it can switch all of its single core processors to dual cores, and at the same price and with similar infrastructure, within a year.
AMD said it would be switching the whole of its family to dual cores at least a year before Intel managed to shift its uniprocessors to dual core systems. It was also very likely to beat Intel to multicores, the firm said.

Richard Baker, AMD Northern European marketing manager, went some way towards explaining what was going on in the channel, including the Ingram deal it announced yesterday.

AMD had liked Ingram because it had a much more direct touch. It's a major addition to AMD's channel worldwide, he said. This would not tread on other distributors' toes, said another AMD representative.

AMD is really excited about Supermicro. Baker said Supermicro is a really big coup for AMD. He said Supermicro has been really big in the SMB channel so the fact we have it on board offering 1U, 2U, 4U pedestals is something that really excites us.

Boston, a UK company, is also reselling AMD Supermicro machines.

Microsoft is relaxing the rules on buying an OEM version of Windows XP X64 and so you can probably buy a screw and get an OEM version of the OS. He said that people should not be afraid about buying a dual core system now and using Windows XP X64 now, for fear of the Longhorn OS. The two to three years involved was in line with most people's expectations of when they upgraded their desktops, he reckoned.

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