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jmke 13th July 2009 16:22

AMD Phenom II X4 955 CPU Review
The AMD platform has long been known for its backwards compatible platforms with AM2+ CPUs able t work with the AM2 motherboards with a BIOS upgrade, and now the AM3 CPUs able to use the same AM2+ motherboards with DDR2 memory meaning the total cost of ownership for a new system with an AM3 CPU is potentially much less than the equivalent Intel CPU with a new motherboard and DDR3 memory combination. The 955 Black Edition CPU is able to outperform the 810 CPU we use in platform testing across the board with higher performance. Compared to the Intel Core 2 CPUs, this CPU performs nearly as fast as a Q9650 in most situations and is therefore a great buy when paired with the $245 price tag online. This CPU also overclocks very well meaning that it is a great choice for those wanting the highest possible performance out of a new CPU.

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