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jmke 8th July 2007 18:39

AMD to Drop Single Core CPUs and Cut Dual core Prices on Monday
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With only a month until the most anticipated AMD product launch in five years, the company is pulling out all the stops to get competitive before the Back to School buying season. The AMD-Intel price war, now almost into its second year, was cited as one of the contributing factors to the $611 million dollar loss AMD posted in the fiscal first quarter of 2007. Following that loss came a 400 employee headcount reduction and a $2.2 billion cash-for-stock deal. Almost immediately after posting its Q1 loss, Mercury research declared that Intel managed to recapture all of AMD's marketshare gains from 2006 in the first three months of 2007. JP Morgan directly attributed the Intel traction due to aggressive pricing.

jmke 8th July 2007 18:44

Boxed CPU price C2D E4300 €114 / $117

New price AMD X2 4800+ $109

Performance out of the box of 4600+ is higher than E4300/E6300 according to

With this is mind, the mid-range no-OC price/performance balance is for AMD; until end of July, of course;)

Rutar 8th July 2007 20:44

How is the heat and power consumpion of the two?

jmke 8th July 2007 21:09

no more than 30W difference at most; nothing to lose sleep over:)

Sidney 8th July 2007 23:31

Intel new pricings on 22nd July does not include E2xxx and E4xxx series, does it?

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