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jmke 22nd December 2008 10:47

AMD chipset roadmap 2009
AMD chipset roadmap 2009

From the chart, we can see that for the next quarter, we would be expecting the 790FX, 790GX to be ready, paired up with the newer south bridge SB750. We expect the AMD 790GX to be announced in August this year if there are no more delays to the sideport issues. In 2009, there are 3 new products, 2 for the enthusiast and 1 for the Mainstream.

The first that will appear in Q1 2009 is the RD790 + SB750. Basically, it should be an extension of the 790FX with DDR3 support. In Q2 2009, there are two other chipsets RD890 and RS880. From the usual AMD/ATi naming conventions, we assume they are just upgraded versions of the discrete chipset 790FX or 790GX with DDR3 support and a new SB800.

Another model is the RS880+SB800, again this should be the next product that will replace the popular 780G (RS780), it will support DDR3 and sideport memory.


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