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Liquid3D 2nd June 2005 05:18

AMD challanges validity of Intel Dual Core
AMD Exec, states Intel's definition and manufacturing process do not equate to "true" dual core chip.

Intelís dual-core platform consists of two separate cores in individual dies packaged together using multi-chip packaging in a single chip, which is not a true dual-core solution, according to Henri Richard

Sidney 2nd June 2005 05:54

Another scenario -

One egg with two sperms = twins = AMD dual core
Two eggs with two sperms = Twins = Intel dual core

wutske 2nd June 2005 07:28

but who'll care ? You get 2 cores for not so much money, so most people won't even matter if it are 2 different cores or 1 big core (most people won't even know this)

Sidney 2nd June 2005 07:33


but who'll care ?
Technology does ;), and so do eggs and sperms.

Faiakes 2nd June 2005 07:55

Isn't performnce the all important factor?

If AMD dual cores are better than Intel's (which seems they are), then that's all I need to know.

jmke 2nd June 2005 08:24

yeah, who cares if they are 3x as expensive :rolleyes:

Faiakes 2nd June 2005 10:09

I didn't mean in terms of overall purchase value.

I meant in terms of the AMD-Intel inner competition.

Faiakes 2nd June 2005 10:11

personally , I'm not gonna bother with Dual core until ALL the applications I use have adapted for dual cores.

JNav89GT 2nd June 2005 21:19


Originally posted by jmke
yeah, who cares if they are 3x as expensive :rolleyes:
I'm not a fan of paying lots of $$$
but you know if Intel had the better performer, they would charge more $$$. Heck even now the 800 series dual core EE is more $$$ than the top AMD dual core, and the top AMD dual core destroys the 800 series cpu(with it's logical 4 cores) in about 90+% of benches I have seen.

Once AMD can push production up, be assured prices will fall where the masses can purchase. Right now regular Intel dual cores are a joke, at least to me, nothing your really not already getting with HT with less heat and $$$ IMO. I'm sure you can find one or two applications where a true dual core P4 will win over a HT P4, but for day to day end user stuff, even encoding etc... I don't think it will be worth the heat production and power consumption. These are just my personal feelings based on my own assumptions though so I could be way off.

Sidney 2nd June 2005 21:32

Stated here regarding extra cooling cost with Intel Dual core + new chipet = more total investment to own Intel Dual core.

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