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Tum0r 19th February 2004 23:44

Those cpu are exactly the same as a normal barton but they dont need as much volt to work on the same frequenty as there desktop brothers

There not made in a other way these are just the best of the best bartons that will run on a lower frequenty, upping the Vcore over 2V has been know to give these procs a serious boost.

for instance, 2.7gig on air ,2.8 on wc...
however they are not guarantied to oc high as some dont go over 2.4gig with a high Vcore.

Or something like that ... ;)

Also because these are mobile cpu they support multiper change on the fly and thus amd cannot multiperlock these cpu's
A notebook requires a unlocked cpu ...

They come in 3 different Vcore, the lowest doesnt fit in a desktop mobo (uses 1.25 vcore) ppl @xtre (that order from newegg) have 1.45vcore cpu's

kristos 20th February 2004 11:57

gotta contact my aunt first, i'll do it in the weekend, then i'll mail those who are interested in getting one.

I'm gonna send a mail or post it in their forum cuz it doesn't say what models they are selling: The mobile AMD Athlon XP-M or the low voltage mobile Athlon XP-M.

*edit* I'll ask me dad if he can get some too. Would be a lot less fuss since he lives here and not in the UK ;) IF he can get them ...

/fingers crossed

Vorda 21st February 2004 13:04

add me to CC too plz :)

kristos 21st February 2004 13:59

It's not looking to good trying to get them from cpu city, they not only require an address in the UK, they also only accept UK paycard's :s if it means filling in the card number on the internet I'm sure my aunt won't do it :(

Dad's gonna ask arround, see if he can get some from his providers

and if that doesn't work I guess I'll have to turn to our German neighbours to try and find some :/

but a little waiting won't hurt if you read the first testing results from the peeps who already got theirs :) they are "only" making 2.5 stable; apparently, only the later weeks are capable of making 2.7 stable:

It's the week 47 and newer that are the massive OC'ers.

IQYFA 0349????

It is the late week code chips that are doing the speed. Stepping code seems less important, just have to get a 0347 onwards.

jmke 21st February 2004 14:51

good info! keeps us posted Kristos!

RichBa5tard 21st February 2004 16:36

It would be nice to see some benches with a 2.5Ghz barton vs a A64 3000+. :)

Tum0r 21st February 2004 17:09

2 german shops ppl

For the dutch readers: Er is op got nog een tread bezig waar spraake is van een IA...

kristos 21st February 2004 19:19

at cssc they're expensive : 125.00EUR and they don't deliver outside Germany

these guys have some: but i can't seem to find if they deliver to belgium or not :/

BTW: the folks who ordered from cpu city all got the following stepping: AQZFA 0340VPAW they all make about the same: 2.5 / 2.55 gig stable

a guy with a 0350 iqyfa makes 2860 mhz with 260 fsb

IQZFA 0348TPMW @ 2800 with 243 fsb only screenshot stable; 2640MHz is stable with 2.03V on air with sp-97

IQZFA 0347XPMW @ 2736 with 260 fsb 2-2-2-9
and @ 2712 with 271 fsb 2-2-2-11

oh just found a list ^^ makes it easier to look for good steppings:

Mobile 2500+
IQYFA 0443

Barton 2500+M
12x216=2606MHz 216/216 FSB

mobile 2500+
AQXEA 0350
208 X 11 with 1.75V

mobile 2500+
2404 MHZ
--- (209X11.5)
--- 1.75v

XP-M 2500
@2310 (210x11)

2.2ghz 1.75v (200x12.5)


Mobile Barton 2400+
12 x 200, 2406 mhz 1.8V

mobile 2400+
2.48ghz(11.0x225mhz) @ 1.90v

mobile 2400+

Mobile Barton 2400+

Mobile XP2400+

Mobile 2400+ Barton
12.5x181fsb (2266mhz)

Mobile Barton 2400+
AQXEA 0323
2.3GHz, 200x11.5, vCore=1.8v.
(non tweak)

Mobile 2400+ -

AthlonXP-M 2400+

mobile 2400+
12.5x181fsb (2266mhz)
(weak computer)

Tum0r 21st February 2004 19:47

the 2500 xp-M seems a beter choise as the little more u pay seems to give u better odds it will go over the 2.5gig

In newegg u have those for about 90€
If u got 4 others I think that will be the cheapest as long the customs don't get in between ...

btw, 2nd 2400+ has no oc only the stepping ...

kristos 21st February 2004 22:41

I thought newegg only shipped within the US

removed the seccond 2400 from the list ;)

BTW look for OPGA form factor cuz' the µPGA won't fit in your desktop rig.

The link in my previous post to ALTERNATE doesn't' do what it should. just go to and browse to HARDWARE --> CPU --> MOBILE --> SOCKET-A and you'll see a full list of what they have to offer.

They have a lot of ways to get your order in but I still can't find what countries they deliver too.

*edit* apparently ALTERNATE is a big concern that has a benelux provider aswell, just type or and you'll get there :super: In that GoT thread they said you could drop in a mail to them and they would have their german collegues ship em through.

So if you want to try and get them on your own or those interested want to order them all together that's up too you lot :)
I'm gonna pass by my dad tomorrow and see what he came up with, would still be cheaper because I wouldn't have to pay tax :D

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