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jmke 6th May 2005 13:11

Albatron PC6800 VGA card features Wise Fan III + Heat Pipe Technology
Albatron Technology, a leading manufacturer of high performance IT products announced its new PC6800 VGA card (PCI-Express) featuring the fusion of two extreme-condition cooling technologies, Wise Fan III and Heat Pipe Technology. These cards use this double action cooling system to put the brakes on rising temperatures generated from high intensity graphics processing and allows your system to reach its performance potential while ensuring reliable stability.

The Heat Pipe Technology is installed on the side of the card with the GPU. This technology employs a recent heat absorption and dissipation strategy using specially designed heat pipes. These pipes contain a liquid that uses an evaporation and condensation technique to rapidly circulate heat away from the GPU to the Wise Fan III located on the other side of the card.

The Wise Fan III is a triple-fan system designed to make intelligent cooling adjustments based on fan operation and GPU temperatures. Under normal conditions, there are two main fans that are operational and one backup fan that remains idle. If one of the main fans malfunctions or drops below 1800 RPMs, the backup fan automatically starts up. The backup fan also will start up anytime the GPU temperatures exceed 56 Celsius. These low-noise fans are rated for less than 30 dBA of sound output.

The PC6800 card is PCI-Express compliant and contains 128 MB of high performance DDR memory with a bandwidth of 22.4 GB/second. These cards also features one of NVIDIA s top performing GPUs, the GeForce 6800 which includes support for DirectX 9.0c, Shader Model 3.0, CineFX 3.0 engine and PureVideo Technology.

The PC6800 card also supports NVIDIA's SLI technology which allows your system to employ two of these PC6800 VGA cards simultaneously. Recent tests have shown systems with dual PC6800 cards breaking scores of 20,000 for 3DMark03.

Boasting one of NVIDIA 's most powerful GPUs plus dual action cooling technologies, the PC6800 promises to keep cool while you turn up the intensity with today's latest graphics gaming software. If you employ the PC6800 SLI dual VGA technology, you will have one of the most powerful graphics configurations on the market.

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