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jmke 9th March 2005 16:29

Ageia hopes for 3dfx-esque revolution with PhysX PPU
Walls and surroundings should be fully destructible within games - ever been driving a tank in a game like Call of Duty: United Offensive and been stopped by a shrub? Or why is it you can't blow a hole in a wall and kill your opponent behind that wall? The reason for many of these anomalies? The lack of horsepower under the CPU hood to fulfill those desires. Ageia's PPU is an important step in the right direction as it can take the current limit of 30-40 bodies of today's high-end CPUs to a maximum of 40,000. One can truly see, when looking at those kind of numbers, just why a PPU is the right thing for gaming and should be a technology we all keep an eye on.

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