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jmke 26th January 2008 18:16

Aeneon Xtune DDR3-1333
Today we are looking at the newest offering in DDR3 from the company AENEON. Now if you're like me, chances are you prefer to stick with a well established company that has a long history of quality and commitment to their customers. Well you're in luck because AENEON is just that company. Before you call the guys in white coats to come a drag me away to the padded room let me explain. AENEON is a new brand of memory being offered by Qimonda. You can find Qimonda memory chips just about everywhere, even in some of the hottest video cards like the 8800GT. Today we are going to look at their enthusiast line of memory kits dubbed 'Xtune'. Like it or not DDR3 is here to stay so you might as well find what kits excel and which ones crash and burn. With speeds guaranteed up to 1500 MHz at 1.5 volts and a warranty backed by Qimonda, this memory looks to establish itself as the RAM to beat. Let's cut to the chase and get down to the nitty gritty.

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