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Massman 20th June 2008 09:55

Aeneon XTune 2GB DDR3-1333 CL8 Memory Kit Review
As part of the strategy, Aeneon exclusively uses Qimonda DRAM chips. This is similar to the use of Micron chips for the Micron owned Crucial brand. We all know that when it comes down to the performance memory market, the DRAM "chip-to-get" changes like the seasons. Other companies such as Corsair, Kingston and OCZ aren't restricted to certain DRAM manufacturers and have more flexibility when creating product lineups. Some of those brands have used Qimonda chips in the past, and many video cards use fast GDDR from Qimonda, and today we'll check out a DDR3 kit from Aeneon which uses Qimonda DRAM chips. The memory kit on the plate today is from Aeneon's performance line of RAM, XTune. It's comprised of 2GB (2x1GB DIMMs) of DDR3 rated to run at 1333MHz at CL8 (specifically, 8-8-8-24). Aeneon tests these kits in pairs to ensure performance and stability in dual channel configuration.

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