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jmke 14th December 2005 17:31

Aeneon Memory Modules from Infineon: First Test Drive
Not so long ago a new brand – Aeneon from Infineon – appeared in the memory market. The official positioning of the Aeneon memory solutions is "right answer for price-performance orientated customer needs". However, it is our job to check this statement out. So read our detailed review of Aeneon product family today!

Moreover, the second part of our today’s test session proved that the use of four DDR2 DIMMs in a Pentium 4 based platform is not just acceptable, but also has some great benefits. At least, this is true for those cases when you need to equip your system with 2GB of RAM. With the help of Aeneon memory modules, we have just shown you that even though their formal specs are the same, the 1GB modules boast slightly worse overclocking potential than their 512MB fellows. The performance drop in case all four DDR2 DIMM slots of the mainboard are occupied is not very bad and can be mostly disregarded

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