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jmke 11th January 2007 17:37

About the Apple iPhone...
You no doubt know Apple announced its iPhone yesterday. It's a phone, an iPod, and a web browser. You certainly don't know about a conversation I had with a young relative on the subject a few weeks ago. The gist of the conversation was that I assumed that no one is his/her right mind would carry around both a phone and a listening device if there was a device that could decently do both, and she couldn't see why anyone in his/her right mind would want just one device.

Rutar 11th January 2007 19:55

there is only one thing about the iPhone to say: UberPwnage

SuAside 12th January 2007 11:35

there is only one thing about the iPhone to say: lawsuit.

the name "iPhone" has been a brand from Cisco/Linksys since 1996 and trademarked worldwide since 2000.

jmke 12th January 2007 11:36

seems Cisco might be willing to "give" Apple the name in exchange for some $$$ :)

SuAside 12th January 2007 11:46

a lot of $$$, i imagine ;)

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