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jmke 20th February 2004 01:45

A64@2950mhz - DryIce Cooling

IKilledMyAGOIA 20th February 2004 05:23

someone please punch me

TeuS 20th February 2004 06:57


Originally posted by IKilledMyAGOIA
someone please punch me
if you insist :D

DUR0N 21st February 2004 13:17


Originally posted by TeuS

if you insist :D

Punch, not biatchslap

CrIpLeX 21st February 2004 14:14

I don't really see what's the use :/ Ur not gonne tell me that they actually DO things whit that pc right ? This is :mad: :king:

piotke 21st February 2004 18:31

The faster youu PC is, the bigger you penis is ;-)

CrIpLeX 21st February 2004 23:06

roflol :D

TeuS 23rd February 2004 00:36


Originally posted by DUR0N

Punch, not biatchslap

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