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jmke 25th March 2010 07:09

6Gbps SATA Performance: AMD 890GX vs. Intel X58/P55
AMDís ATI acquisition was about bringing graphics to the portfolio with the eventual goal of integration into the CPU itself. Weíll see the first of that early next year with Llano. But as AMD goes down this integration route, it needs to make sure that its chipsets are at least up to par with Intelís. Many have complained about AMDís South Bridges in the past, but with SB850 weíve actually seen some real improvement. There still appear to be some strange behaviors and I donít like that thereís any discrepancy between AMDís reference board and retail 890GX boards, but these results look very promising.

AMDís native 6Gbps implementation manages to outperform both Marvell and Intelís controllers in the 4KB random write test by a substantial margin. AMDís sequential read speed is lower than the Marvell controller, and random read speed is lower than Intelís 3Gbps controller. With a bit of work, AMD looks like it could have the best performing SATA controller on the market.

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