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Sidney 2nd October 2005 10:23

2GB Memory Kit Group Test - total 7 pairs
2GB of memory was seen as an unnecessary luxury just a few months ago, with most enthusiasts more than happy enough to use 1GB. Something happened recently to change all that, and that something is called Battlefield 2. Whilst most games still run at their full potential with a single GB of memory, Battlefield 2 can improve in performance by as much as 30% with an extra GB of memory installed.

Plenty of memory is also a priority if you work with ultra high resolution images in Photoshop, or do an insane amount of multitasking. Dual core CPUs are now available that make it possible to simply Alt+Tab out of a game, and continue working with the other core with no noticeable slowdown, provided you have enough memory of course. Regardless of what you use your PC for, if you find it using the page file all too often, its time to start looking at a 2GB matched pair.

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