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jmke 12th February 2010 13:32

131 Intel and AMD processors compared
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After weeks of benchmarking, we can now give you 1572 results across the 12 applications in our test protocol with no less than 131 processors!

The most impressive improvement has of course come from Intel who in 2005 were still relying on the outdated Netburst architecture while AMD were already quite advanced with the K8 generation. Intel have done much more than catch up, introducing the Core generation and now Nehalem, so much so that the performance average index clearly shows Intel to be a generation in advance of AMD in terms of rapidity. While the Bulldozer architecture is promising on paper, it won’t be available until 2011. In the meantime, AMD remains well-armed at entry-level with its Athlon IIs. AMD need to brace themselves however with the arrival of the 32nm Core i3/i5s!

wutske 12th February 2010 19:34

Wow, very impressive overview !
The only thing that's missing is a performance/$ and/or performance/watt list =)

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