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Sidney 1st August 2005 20:54

100 AMD Socket 939 Motherboard Designs now listed!
Today is reaching a new milestone with 100 AMD socket 939 motherboard designs listed with many new links to photos and specifications (when available). The new updated page includes all the latest boards with the new generation chipsets from top makers. First the GPU integrated chipset with X300 for ATI RS482 and GeForce 6200 for NVIDIA C51G, second the Crossfire design, ATI's answer to NVIDIA SLI, with RD480 chipset, third the SiS SiS756, fourth the discrete version of NVIDIA C51G the NVIDIA C51D and finally the most popular NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra with 3 new designs including a µBTX one from MSI.

Here the complete list of the latest additions to the AMD socket 939 Motherboards Special you can find now at

ATI RD480 with Crossfire
ATI Reference board
MSI RD480 Neo2

ATi RS482 with integrated X300 GPU
Socket 939
Asus A8R-VM
MSI RS482 Neo 2
ECS RS482-M - µATX

Socket 754
RS482-M754 - µATX

Asus A8S-X
ASRock 939S56-M
ASRock K8Upgrade-756
Foxconn Winfast 756K8AA
Fujitsu-Siemens D-2030A

NVIDIA nForce C51D
Asus A8N32-SLI Premium

NVIDIA nForce C51G with integrated GeForce 6200TC GPU
Biostar CRV51-M9
Foxconn WinFast C51GK8MA
Gigabyte K8N51GMF-9

NVIDIA nForce4 & nForce4 Ultra
Abit KN8
Abit KN8 Ultra

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