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jmke 11th July 2007 14:30

10 Graphics Cards On NVIDIA GeForce 8500/8600 GPUs
So, what can we say about the GeForce 8500 GT? - It's a very weak card, if it's not overclocked. Too many features have been cut down. It cannot compete with similar cards from AMD, even though they don't support DX10. Does this card really need to support this feature? Will DX10 games run fast enough on this card? - It's a rhetorical question. They certainly will, if you disable maximum quality. It cuts both ways: if manufacturers don't launch Low-End cards supporting the new functions, game publishers will not use them (new functions) in their games, motivating the decision by the lack of proper hardware on the market. On the other hand, everybody understands that such a card as 8500GT will not cope with any DX10 game in 1024x768 with high quality settings. Thirdly: should you really buy Low-End cards with DX10 support now? - There will be no pure-DX10 games in the nearest future. There will appear some DX9-to-DX10 ports, combined titles (DX9 and DX10). But native DX10 games (that use only this technology!) may appear only the next year. And by that time there may be launched a new family of more powerful Low-End cards with DX10 support.

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