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windwithme 27th November 2008 03:44

windwithme in Intel Core i7 Launch event
Two years ago, the impression still remembered that the Intel Core 2 Duo had been released in the Grand Hotel.
At that time, the published Core™ 2 Duo CPU comes with the high leading performance compare to their competitors.
Following, Intel also launched Core 2 quad-core CPU.
At the present current market, Intel is still the performance leader by these two dual-cord and quad-core CPU.

In November 2008, Intel has launched the next-generation processor, which promotes changing the pin design to LGA 1366,
that can work with the Intel X58 + ICH10R chipset.
Compared to the previous LGA 775 architecture and the differences are it provides not only the Intel Hyper-Threading technology
which enables highly threaded applications to get more work done in parallel,
but it also to integrates DDR3 memory controller enables three channels of DDR3 memory to delivers amazing performance for data-intensive applications.
It was believe that the majority users are interested in Core i7 processor have understood the performance of Core i7 from many website.
Core i7-965 testing was launched on November 3rd.

Take a look at the current situation of publication conference.
The publication conference is grand as usual.
The main theme of this publication conference is “Fastest Processor on the Planet”.

The opening show with beating the drum is very cultural performance.

And then the start of the fire dancing performance.

Intel Core i7 was introduce by Intel Executives

Ribbon-cutting ceremony

Various venders, distributors and Intel official executives

After the Core i7 processor introduction, we started visiting the motherboard display from each manufacturer.

The X58+ICH10R motherboards come from various manufacturers.

MSI Eclipse

windwithme 27th November 2008 03:47

MSI Eclipse+, this X58 motherboard is not yet to publish in current market.

MSI X58 Platinum, the price value of the X58 products.



GIGABYTE X58 DS4, it should be the value version?!

DFI LanParty X58, LanParty system consistency overclocking performance-oriented and look forward to its listing.

BIOSTAR TPOWER X58, is relatively rare in this section. However,
BIOSTAR has present the good P45 product, which is also looking forward to.

FOXCONN BloodRage, this instruction of FOXCONN looks great and still has a special product name.

ECS X58B-A. ECS also launched several OC products in COMPUTEX,
it seems that ECS would also like to enter the market in high-end MB competition.

ASUS Rampage II Extreme, is currently the most high-end version of the ASUS X58.

windwithme 27th November 2008 03:54

The display booth




windwithme 27th November 2008 04:12

This publication conference was held very successful.
We can see that Intel still full of confidence with its new Core i7 processor.
Intel invited various manufacturers, distributors, media and educational institutions to participate or join.
There also had a large booth to display the new platform and many motherboard manufacturers also support the effort to display their products with Core i7 new CPU architecture.

The introduction of Intel Core i7 continues the higher performance of CPU market leadership.
On the other hand, X58 motherboard from the beginning, and was the early introduction of NT$10,000 (330 to 350 USD) of market prices,
many manufacturers have also introduced the new package of value compared with the X58 motherboards to capture the market.
At the present, there are several X58 products solution in NT$7500 ~ 9000 (about 250 to 270 USD).

In the DRAM market, coupled with the continued decline in the next few months,
Core i7 system have a chance to fall in the price band standards, so that more consumers of current computer performance has improved.
Let us look forward to Core i7 structure of the universal right soon.

The pentalogy of windwithme with Core i7 review, after Gigabyte EX58-EXTREME, Ill come out the episode 2 MSI Eclipse SLI

jmke 27th November 2008 09:34

excellent coverage, thank you ! :ws:

thorgal 27th November 2008 16:26

Nice boards, nice girls too :D

I think you had a nice time ;)

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