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windwithme 8th June 2008 06:46

windwithme ComputeX 2008 DAY2
Because Iím really busied this week, so I post Day2 later at weekend.
Beside I increase some companies that I did not take photos on Day1, I also complete some reported companies with their special products.
I take photos with many different companies with my limited time this week, still lost some companies to show up, sorry for the incomplete.

First we take a look at ASUS, they grow up with motherboard products, now they have more and more product line with rich feature products and become luxuriant products company.

EEEPC is the hottest products from ASUS, even the hottest over the slim NB market.
This block showed all kinds of EEEPC.

The upcoming new version EEEPC1000.

The exist EEEPC901 have many color to choose.

ASUS Intel platform MB wall.

AMD platform motherboard wall.

790i top segment MB

Highest P45 ROG version with live demo.

Letís take a look on another motherboard company GIGABYTE,
Product lines looks fewer, besides MB, VGA and UMPC, other product line is not really good in the market.

GIGABYTE P45 series.

Luxury P45 product with huge pipe and copper sink design.

Last year I did test P35 DS3P on many forum and with 100000 more page views, I think P45 DS3P will still keep their position on the market.

windwithme 8th June 2008 06:47

X48 is the highest segment chipset from Intel.


Special own design 9600GT VGA

Small form factor G45 MB

P45 DS4 DDR2 version

2 small PC/NB products same style as MSI WIND PC.

DFI, the great overclock motherboard maker.
I think small board with better performance and overclock ability will be one of the MB future paths.



Another main product line of DFI, the IPC segment

windwithme 8th June 2008 06:50

FOXCONN, the biggest MB OEM company over the world.
This concept product is 1 machine to output 8 monitors.
Also have exclusive CASE to install.

The inside motherboard designed with 4 PCI-E slots to install 4 VGA with 8 screen outputs.

CORSAIR is the biggest overclock module maker.
2 demo machine compare the 2GB and 4GB performance under COH game.

They also ask a website to show the extreme overclock with LN2.

GAINWARD have special VGA design, 2 DVI port is normal, but 1 more HDMI and 1 newest display port is very innovative and special.

ELSA, the NVIDIA series VGA company.

Their own heatsink design 9600GT product.

This image is similar as big car company logo.

New Phoenix heatsink

JETART, stay focus on thermal solutions.

windwithme 8th June 2008 06:53

NB heatsink model.

I share more Show Girl photos for you , hope you can feel relax and happy.

The exhaust keep growing when I go to the booth day by day,
every day I took long time to walk to visit all the booths, this year we extend the hall to NanGang,
it takes longer time with traffic, it reduce my time to visit and take photos. If you still interested in my presentation, I will try to have Day 3 report for you next week.

thorgal 8th June 2008 09:58

Nice work, thank you windwithme :)

Looking forward to day 3, absolutely!

geoffrey 8th June 2008 13:53

Thanks for sharing WindWithMe!

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