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Kougar 30th August 2006 04:39

Windows Vista Build 5536 Downloadable, for the First 100k
Didn't see this mentioned anywhere here. First 100,000 D/Ls get it (legally), although this time it is only the 32-bit build being offered.


Get it while you can

Microsoft released Vista Build 5536 to beta testers last week, but regular end-users can take their chances with the latest build as well. After the tremendous response generated by the initial availability of Vista Beta 2 to the public, Microsoft has decided to limit this pre-RC1 build of Vista to the first 100,000 downloads.

DailyTech just reported today that Microsoft has set a January 30 launch date for Windows Vista. Prices for consumers will range from $199/$99.95 for Vista Home Basic to $399/$259 for Vista Ultimate (full/upgrade).

Response to the latest build has been quite favorable. You can check out feedback on the latest build from WinSuperSite, and MSTechToda

A look at some of the new build's features: Link

wutske 30th August 2006 08:45

they couldn't have chosen a better date for this :D . Downloading without having to worry much about the download limit :puke: .

FireTech 30th August 2006 09:01

What's the point of getting this build when the actual RC1 is seemingly only a week away. Unless you want to use up all your DL quota that is....

Kougar 30th August 2006 18:31

I thought the RC1 was a bit farther away than just a week? I had the impression it was closer to a month, around the start of October although I can't say to know.

Besides planning to upgrade anyway to RC1, my rig below needs an OS and I'm not going to buy another copy of XP Pro. And not everyone has download limitations, figured I'd post incase anyone else needed a OS or wanted to play with one. ;)

wutske 30th August 2006 19:28

Finaly managed to get it working, Vmware couldn't get any further than loading the files and MS VPC says the ISO image wasn't a correct image (yeah, MS <-> MS compatibility isn't what it's supposed to be).
Setup just crashed inside VPC ... so I guess this isn't a virtual OS ...
Gonna try burning it again (yeah, first try didn't work either). Now I'll have to find a spare hdd that's big enough ...
this sure is a pain in the *** 5536'er

wutske 1st September 2006 10:26

Installed it on an old 10Gb drive :D .
I kinda like Vista, but the UAC is too annoying and useless. It block the screen untill you press continue to allow a program to start/stop/continue/... after a while you simply press continue without even reading it.
Windows defender is annoying to, it scans everyday and slows down (but that's due the slow hdd).
Aero looks good and works perfect with my 'older' computer (XP3200+, 512Mb & R9600Pro).
Unfortunately, windows keeps spreading all the settings and this makes it hard to configure it, they should have staid with the 9x way, tabs.

Gonna test some more now that I have my passwords back :rolleyes:

FireTech 1st September 2006 20:45

Rumour (and that's all it is) is that RC1 will be released around 5/6th September.
If it is an improvement I might test it more than I do with Beta 2 which is currently too annoying to use for extended periods.

Kougar 1st September 2006 22:14

Well, RC1 has been released only to the beta testers, both x86 and x64 versions.

FireTech, from what I'm reading you are exactly right, that is when the RC1 is released to the general public! :) And I couldn't stand to use the Beta 2 build for that very reason, the access protection prompts were annoying. MS was slowly fixing those as the builds progressed though, so it shouldn't be half as bad in RC1.

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