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mentalcrisis00 19th February 2008 00:12

Vista SP1 Beta
Hey all

I'm wondering if anyone has tried the Windows Vista SP1 pre release beta? Is it worth risking the install? I've had beta service packs screw my system up before causing me to reformat. Is there any real reason to install the beta or should I just wait for the official version in march?

Reason I ask is because my new dell laptop came with win vista home but I found out quickly that no battlefield or steam games would work. Battlefield 2 and 2142 would give me a black screen and then crash to the desktop and steam games would run fine for 15 minutes and I'd get this weird graphic fragmentation.

People on the forums thought my 8600M gt video chip was overheating, but then I reformatted the laptop under windows xp and Battlefield 2142 and all steam games worked great on high settings and in wide screen.

Also there are alot of performance and stability updates now, 6 I think. Should those be installed along with Vista SP1 or no? I usually install win xp service packs first thing and then install everything else after but Vista is a new animal for me. I'm also looking for a good windows slipstream program, suggestions?


wutske 19th February 2008 07:33

A lot of games won't run under Vista decently. You might try to run the games in compatibility mode or run them as administrator. Another factor that might cause problems are drivers, get the latest from the nV website, they usually solve such problems.

There is no reason why you should install the beta SP right now, the final version is (if I remember correctly) already available (and if not, then it probably won't take long). Anyway, whether you install the beta or the final, there's allways a chance of that it'll screw your system :rolleyes:

jmke 19th February 2008 09:38

dont bother with the beta, going from SP1 beta to final will take lots of fiddling with possibility of having to reinstall the OS

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