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jmke 9th January 2006 22:04

Testing airflow inside the case


Create realistic smoke effects without expensive equipment. One can will spray for 5 minutes in total. The smoke willl hang for up to 2 hours in a still room. The product is non toxic, non irritating, Ozone safe and with no CFCs. Ideal for small parties. IMPORTANT: Not to be used near naked flames

Sidney 2nd March 2006 19:09

I have used smoke to determine air flow. A good illustration when a case has panel window; I use two different color smoke, the side window case draws in air outside only to be sucked out quicker by the exhaust fan having little effect in absorbing heat along the path.

While front intake without side panel window allows cooler air to go through a large space absorbing heat along its path.

jmke 2nd March 2006 21:41

do know that some smoke leaves residu which can cause problems with small electronic gear... like PC's;)

Sidney 2nd March 2006 21:45

Such as cigarettes smoking;)

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