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mentalcrisis00 18th February 2008 22:34

Power Supply Q with new build
Hey all

My last build was Feb of 2006 so it's been awhile, I've tried to keep up with the new tech but I've fallen behind. I am currently running a 7800GT with an X2 4400 and 750GB of storage and only have a 430W enermax PSU and it's been working fine since I built my rig.

I'm building a new computer for my sister, the hardware is going to consist of:

AMD Athlon X2 4600
Biostar Tforce TF520-A2 Nforce 520 MCP
2GB of DDR2 800 ram
1 WD 250GB sata drive
Nvidia 8800GTS (G92) with 512MB memory

My question is if a 400W PSU with dual 12V rails would be sufficient to power this system or if I should go with a 500W? She's not going to be going SLI, in fact the board I'm getting has no SLI. I'm trying to get a sweet spot between cost and performance. She's going to be using the computer for stock piling family photos, some minor digital video editing, and Everquest 2. She's definitely not into over clocking so thats why I didn't want to get her an Intel Core 2 system, I still like to represent AMD as well. ;-D

Any comments or suggestions are welcome


jmke 19th February 2008 08:37

A quality 400W PSU will have no problems with that system build; do prefer single over multi rail design

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