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wutske 18th June 2010 18:10

New videocard: HD5750 ?
I'm looking for a new graphics card for my Core2Duo T2300. I'm looking for at least a DX11 card, something powerfull enough for Battlefield Bad Company 2 :-p . Max price is 150

After a quick look on the internet, I found that the ATI HD5750 should be up to the task, especially since I won't be gaming at 1680x1050, but more likely something in the 1280x1024 range.

So, my question is, is this a good card for 140? Or will I be better of with a GTS250 (forcom has no nVidia card between 100 and 300).

jmke 18th June 2010 19:39

5770 please
5750 is no good in my humble opinion

wutske 19th June 2010 10:38

Is it realy that much better ? I mean, if I look at the BFBC2 performance, the HD5770 is at max 5fps faster, even tough it scores 2000 more points in the orb.

jmke 19th June 2010 13:53

saying it's 5fps faster without saying what the avg FPS is not very useful ;)

on average the HD 5770 is 35~40% faster than HD 5750

src: TomsHWcharts

our own charts confirm this -overall- (unfortunately no 5750 yet, but GTS 250 is there) and at 1280x1024 in % based on 13 game benchmarks:

the HD 5750 is slightly faster than GTS 250, the HD 5770 is a lot faster

In an ideal world, the HD 5770 would be priced at HD 5750 level and then you'd have a killer price/performance product.
Now HD 5770 is "ok" priced, but sometimes outdone by HD 4890 in some countries where it's still available
HD 5750 is cheaper, but more slower than it's cheaper ;) so again missing the better price/performance point.

HD 5770 : ~€120
HD 5750: ~€105

HD 5770 is 14% more expenive than HD 5750, but offers at least 20% better performance, up to 40%!

HD 4890: ~€130 next&start=40 is the ace if you can find it second hand or at this low price point new :)
8% more expensive than HD 5770, 10% faster at 1280x1024! So the sweetest price/performance :D

wutske 19th June 2010 14:33

Just bought a Sapphire HD5770 :woot:
Thanks for the tip, price/performance wise a 5770 seems a lot better and it has a lot more stream processors and it's clocked 150MHz higher than a 5750.

jmke 19th June 2010 14:47

Congratz, let us know how it turns out:)
at 1280x1024 it will chew through all the latest games, even at 1920x1200 it can hold its ground if you scale down detail a bit

wutske 19th June 2010 15:14

At first it wouldn't boot, was kind of a bummer, but now it's working :-p

Just one small question: on the back of the sapphire card are three LEDs and only two are lit and I can't find any information about it in the manual. Should I be worried ?

Found this, not realy an answer, but it's a beginning :)

Doesn't work like that AFAIK .. if D3 lights up @ BOOT and then goes out, then that's just the first POST test that the card does before going any further .. the other LEDs just mean that the card is getting the right juice for correct operation ..

I'd really stop worrying about it all, your card is working fine, and even if I could tell you all the inner workings of all the LED meanings and what they correspond to, if the card was faulty in any way, you'd not be able to do much apart from RMAing it ..
Btw, I'd realy like to know, I've already killed a GPU because of a bad power connection and I still haven't received my €50 back for that one :(

//edit: hmm, now running the Unigine Heaven benchmark, all three LEDs are on ... so they might be related to the three power phases

jmke 20th June 2010 01:33

might be related to power phase indeed, have an MSI X58 mobo which does the same, more lights under load:)

Stefan Mileschin 21st June 2010 08:58

Found this on another forum:


I too have that card and those 3 green lights are lit, so I e-mailed Sapphire enquiring as to the meaning of those lights and I got this response from them


Originally Posted by Sapphire

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your mail. Sir, That's fine for your card. The light is diagnostic light. Green light means passed. No worry for this. Thank you.


So from this I get that you need to have 3 green lights, all lit. Try to see how they light up when starting the FurMark stress test.

wutske 21st June 2010 09:55

This is how they are lit
Directly after power on: 2 LEDs
During POST: 3 LEDs
Windows Desktop (idle): 2 LEDs
While loading a game: 2 LEDs + 1 flashing
Gaming: 3 LEDs
Sometimes after gaming for a few seconds: 1 LED

It does seem to make sense that every LED is related to a power stage (if there are three of them onboard). Besides, the card is rock solid while gaming.
My pc did hang sometimes, but that might be related to a bad RMClock settings.

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