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Hi i would like to review the kandalf super black case and talk about it because i like this case and that i just still to deside what to add in. You see i've allways use INTEL computers currently useing pen4 with a coolermaster case that only 1 year ago i got this computer made by a store. Though it works pretty good and all but got bored with it and deside to go abit upgradeable if spoible.

I have questions to ask for so that i would understand before buying such things.

The kandalf super black tower case willcome with the powersupply and its cables and fans the total price will be 360.00AUS since im in australia. pretty expensive but i believe because it is a quality case and made of metal ?

Will the power supply and its fans that comes with it will be a silent computr is posible ? how noicy will it be since i will have the computer in my room and though the room is small... When i brought my computer case alone it came with the power supply and fans it came with: Coolermaster case Includes True 350W Power Supply, Aluminum Bezel, SECC Chassis, Front IO: USB*2, Firewire*1, Speaker*1, Microphone*1

While the Kandalfblack case has: Retaining holes for liquid cooling kits, Totally Fanless thermal system validated, Dual USB 2.0, IEEE 1394 Firewire, Audio & Speaker ports, 430W Silent Purepower Supply

Though when i first deside mynew computer overa year agoisaidiwill go with INTEL PENTIUM4and hopefullythecaseand fanswill make thingssmootherand quieter but not really as soonas i got iti stillheard noice.. regardless ifi added a new thermaltakeCPU fan thatis glued on to the motherboard it wouldnt make no differents so there for wheredoes the air sounds come from ? power supply ?

Do you believe the kandalf case has bestvaluethen the coolermaster case ?

Once i buy the case alone should i tell them to put a better powersupply and better fans and stuff or should i just try out whatever is value in that case ? after all if i do that i would still have the new spare parts taken off the kandalf case doing nothing...


Ok know for the MOTHERBOARD,.

Should i go for INTEL or AMD ?
Whatmotherboard should i get? please note that since im in australia theproductsyou may say maynot haveit in store. so there for i will rpesent you the website adress : WWW.COMPUTERALLIANCE.COM.AU it will show alot there cpuand cases tomotherboard and everything withthe australian price and product names.

I think Thermaletake are good but is that good for AMD's ?

I will need a good motherboard that wotn be cheap but not extreme expensive... my budget price will be 1800.00 to 2,000.00australian dollars.. (this wont count for the kandalf super black case since that would be paid separately from that. No monitor nor mouse since i have that and the keyboard i have that.

I will be useing windows xp pro or home unless soon enough there will be a new product in the making like vista or soemthing.

themotherbaord should have enough room for i to add a graphics card if i deside to buy a new one or use the current one since it is a rodeaom 9550 (128) though thats in the coolermaster the games i play looks good maybe 97% good quality... but i wonder whats its like if i end up with AMD will i need a good graphic card then ?

Okies i will need to add in any tv tuner or a tv difinition tv tuner and perhaps extra usb ports so most motherboard will not have enough to plug in extras you know that long white pin slip or black once whatever the black once are meant to be. i wouldnt no for a AMD. i go for AUSUS brands. so check the site and give me a good configuration udner my budget price so that i know what i should spent more either the ram or gigdrives or such.. i will need 2X rams so that is like 512ram plus another 512ram is that enough ? i will need 1x 200gigdrive plus another 200gigdrive for back up orshould i add extra numberto that? though200gigs is plentyii think well thats whati have for this computer though this computer will end up going for my father.. the motherboard isa ASUS P4P800S-X isee many peoplehave this motherboardtoo and i thought it would had been the best one ever wll itisbut perhaps not the advance ? aniways...

hmm what elsi will end up putting... oh yes a black sony dvd rom or any brands... maybe i will end up adding 2 of them and later add ather specific new things later stage.

could you give me some rough configuration with the name and price as from the website i given so that then i know what is the least most expensive i should pay for the new computer intertior... i make sure i will have the very least advance best performance and not just a cheap computer that wotn last long.

thanks for reading hopefully i would get some good responds.. thanks
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