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Syco 23rd March 2003 16:43

DX 9 uninstall for win 2k pro?
I have been so stupid to install DirecX 9, and I wanna get back to DX 8.1! I only find tools for Win XP Pro to uninstall DX 9. Is't there a tool for Win 2k Pro. Format is not an option for the moment.

Bosw8er 23rd March 2003 16:46


Good luck !

Syco 23rd March 2003 18:10

Yeah, I tried that => ("I only find tools for Win XP Pro to uninstall DX 9"). That's why I asked it here...

Bosw8er 23rd March 2003 18:21

4 th link
DirectX Buster is a DirectX uninstaller for Windows 9X, ME and W2K. It supports DirectX from Version 5 (DirectX 3 not testet but should work properly) up to DirectX 8.1 inclusive all new components. DirectX 9 may work, but complete support will be added later.

You should try the uninstaller for XP untill there is support for W2K or try the uninstaller for DX8.1

Image your OS-partition before doing so :^)

Syco 23rd March 2003 23:00

hmm, I might give this one a shot. If I have place enough to make an image ;) Thx Bosw8er

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