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IFMU 10th June 2002 09:21

Dual AMD boards
My apologies if this is something that shouldnt be posted, or if its in the wrong area... Ive posted this in a few other forums, thought Id post here too.

I thought I would help spread the word of which Dual AMD boards were available and links so people may check them out.
Apparently there are some boards that arent quite known that are out or the info on them. So Im writing this up with all the info I can find on the present AMD Dual Boards.
There has been a review testing 3 AMD duallie boards against each other, that is Here.
By my understanding, there are a total of 11 (Not including the EpoX thats not out yet.) Dual AMD boards out. However, the EPoX board is not yet out, and from what I can see, there is no specified time it will be available either. It was originally due out in Nov of 2001.

Heres all the links to each board.
Gigabyte ~ GA-&DPXDW ~ Manual
Gigabyte ~ GA7DPXDW-C ~ Manual
(These links are being a pain, select the link, join as a guest, then hit the links I have here again, should take you straight to them.)
Tyan Thunder K7X ~ S2468 ~ Manual
Tyan Thunder K7 ~ S2462 ~ Manual
Tyan Tiger MPX ~ S2466 ~ Manual
Tyan Tiger MP ~ S2460 ~ FAQ
ASUS A7M266-D ~ Manual
MSI K7D Master ~ MS-6501 ~ Manual
~ With this link you need to select server then scroll down so you can get to the direct page. They wont allow directly link to the actual page for this board.
Just found some info on the iWill board.
iWill MPX2
The only info Ive been able to find on the EPoX board is here.
EPoX EP-M762A ~ EPoX PDF File
Unforunately, its in another language. For those that dont know, copy that url and paste it into the Systran window, change it from German to English and you can read the info there.
Chaintech now has a board out
Chaintech 7KDD

Added links to the pdf manuals that I could find. Also notice, the Gigabyte manuals are the same, they were both listed as such.
There have been no additions to the Tiger MP motherboards. But the link there is for the FAQ for them.


Originally posted by SickBoy
I just got mine(K7D Master) and 2 Duron 1.2 GHz chips today and I had a few unpleasant suprises.

Most of the reports I had heard said that the K7D Master would run dual Morgan Durons, no problem. So I ordered the morgans along with the board, which meant I would get it faster, since I don't have the cash for anything nicer right now.

My board came with BIOS version 1.1. 1.1 DOES NOT enable SMP on Morgans for sure (and AthlonXP's as well I postulate), unless you flash to BIOS version 1.0. I did, and I am happily humming along in SMP right now. I'd also expect that SMP for Morgans will not be enabled in future BIOS versions, so we're going to have to stick with 1.0.

If you're thinking about a K7D Master with non-Athlon MP chips you should keep this in mind.



Bosw8er 10th June 2002 09:34

Very nice, all the info together ... lazy mods will put it in the info section ... someday

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