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Darrell 30th October 2007 21:48

Cellphone modem ---> Wifi router?
Cellphone modem --> Wifi router?

Hi. I need help. I'm using my cellphone (Nokia N95) as my modem (thru USB) to connect to the internet. I have a wireless router (Linksys WRT54GC). Is there a way for it to work? That is, I want to make a home wifi hotspot (where I can connect my PSP, iPod Touch, laptop, etc.) using my cellphone as the primary internet connection, and my PC as the host (no other PCs networked). Thanks in advance!

BTW I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate with ICS enabled. My wifi devices can connect thru wifi alright, but no internet connection.

jmke 30th October 2007 23:01

is your vista machine connected via WIFI?
set the gateway on the other machines as IP address of your vista machine, with ICS enabled for the USB cellphone it should work

Darrell 31st October 2007 10:28

Here's my setup:
I only have one Vista PC, my cellphone (Nokia N95) is connected to it via USB and I use the N95 as my modem for internet connection. My connection is working fine and it is shared (I enabled ICS).

Now I have A Linksys WRT54GC wireless router. It has 4 ethernet ports and 1 internet port (where the modem is usually connected).

Now my PC has a LAN port which I connected to the Ethernet port #1. So the Internet port is free (nothing connected). My devices can detect and connect to the WiFi, but there's no internet connection.

Could you give me a detailed walkthrough particularly the settings I need to alter (my PC, router and my Wifi devices). I'm sorry because I'm a total noob about WiFi and networking.

I want to connect to the internet primarily for my iPod Touch, but I can also use it for my PSP.

I hope you guys can help me. Thank you.

jmke 1st November 2007 14:12

first of all the network address on your Vista PC has to be in the same subnet as the one given by the router's DHCP server.

So something like


For the PC, and similar addresses given by the router's wifi ( etc up to

Now on the machines you connect through wifi, you should be able to ping to the Vista PC (or from the Vista to the machine) once you have established that link, and you enabled ICS on the Vista PC, all you need to do now is to configure those clients gateway address.

By default the router will give out its own IP address for the gateway, but that's no good since the router is not sharing any internet; what you need to do is to manually alter the gateway on your other devices to the IP address of the Vista PC, also (if I remember correctly) set the DNS server to be the Vista PC IP adress too. (if that doesn't work, fill out the DNS from the internet connection directly).

So the configuration, with example IP addresses:


 | USB connection
Vista PC (ICS enabled, Vista Wifi Address
)WIFI connection
Wifi router (IP address
Other devices (IP address 192.168.0.x/ Gateway:

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