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silencer 10th September 2004 15:37

caputer card (+pc)

I'm searching for a professional capture card. Do you know good capture card. It is for professional use. And it has to have a analoog input, and it has to capture colored movies.

Do you have some idea's?

And is there a diffence between a professional caputer card and the chips that are on the vivo card like ati or nvidia??

edit.: make your own capture pc.
My boss said that i can order a new pc for caputing use. What do you advise?

ssl6 10th September 2004 15:53

umm, maybe look at some of leadtek's cards, or what about ati AIW cards? would they work

silencer 10th September 2004 16:04

i think to work with a ati card with video-in or is nvidia better??

For the moment i don't think to work with a professional card. I think that the differance isn't that big but i have no experice in that area.

ssl6 10th September 2004 16:32

i think with vivo you should be fine, but im not sure what kind of software you need

Sidney 10th September 2004 16:39

I have used both Leadtek TV; Nvidia Cinima and ATI AIW. Points to remember:

1) Min. 30 FPS
2) Software to convert to Mpeg in single pass
3) Audio and Video in sync
4) Software ability to choose video size

May be other people could give more tips on the topic. The three cards I used above (two of them since year 2000, gave me good service in converting all 8mm, VHS into Mpeg and CVD).

Never use USB type ... they are too slow and no good.

Bosw8er 10th September 2004 16:40

I have a 8500 AIW which captures analog and digital input. The quality is very good.

Most important factor when capturing is harddisk size and speed. I had a 7.200 rpm disk that couldn't keep up with large digital input.

What are you going to capture ?

silencer 10th September 2004 16:43

the software that i need:
- make movies
- take pictures
- edit pictures, make from 3 picture 1 big piture, on a easy way.

on the latest ati card, wath is the Rage Theater chip? Is it still the rage theater 200 chip or have the a new one?

ssl6 10th September 2004 16:52

what bosw8er said, hard drive size and speed, once you find a good card to capture, get a couple 7200rpm hard drives or a good set of sata drives, and stripe them, it will help alot if your doing alot of encoding and so on.....

while we're on the topic of encoding files, does anyone know a program to shrink mpg/avi files, i need to lower resolution and sound quality, im looking for somethin easy to use, any ideas?

silencer 10th September 2004 16:52


Originally posted by Bosw8er

What are you going to capture ?

for example: it is for tensile test (trekproef) for the pins of your monitor.

Bosw8er 10th September 2004 21:00


Originally posted by silencer

for example: it is for tensile test (trekproef) for the pins of your monitor.

? Exactly how drunk were you when posting that ? ;)

"What are you going to capture" could give following answers :
- digital camera material
- conversion of VHS- tapes
- television material
- wild elephants and rinos
- ...

And what is a pull test of the pins of your monitor ?

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