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piotke 31st March 2005 23:54

broken laptop
This week I bought myself a broken acer laptop.

p4M 1.6
256 DDR
Geforce 2 go
20 gig hdd
14.1 inc screen

The laptop had problems booting and the keyboard missed two keys. But when it booted, after a lot of shaking, it kept working....
I paid 155 for this, with in my mind that the cpu + memory would be easely worth this second handed.... In case I would resell it.

Today I disassembeled the laptop. Seems that the IR port is giving bad contact, and preventing the laptop from booting.

But the rest works !

Bulding everything back into the original casing is an option, but the missing keyboard, and used state of the laptop is holding me back.

So I'm thinking of building a lottle casing for the screen, and installing the computer behind it. E-mac style !

To be continued ....

jmke 1st April 2005 00:11

cheap thrills:)

piotke 1st April 2005 00:13


Originally posted by jmke
cheap thrills:)
eh ?

edit: time for birdiehouse part 2 ;)

Sidney 1st April 2005 00:37

Look around eBay; I replaced keyboards on my old IBM and Toshiba laptops several years ago.

Once the model is obsoleted you get good price. I remember paying less than $20.

piotke 1st April 2005 01:14

I think I'm going to use it for modding purposes

jmke 1st April 2005 09:00


Originally posted by piotke

eh ?

"cheap" as in "not expensive"
"thrills" as in "P-M speedy machine"

RichBa5tard 1st April 2005 09:37

Acer keyboards can be ordered for a reasonable price fyi.

Nice find!

piotke 1st April 2005 10:22

where richyB ? At acer self ?

jmke 1st April 2005 11:24

self? nice translation;)

RichBa5tard 1st April 2005 12:57

Just ask a shop that sells Acer Laptops. shouldn't be a problem.

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