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Svekke 3rd April 2003 19:10

Antec Case + Dual PSU and Pelt for sale.
Hi, I'm selling the Antec SLK2600AMB Midi case which is 99% the same as the upcoming Antec Lanboy, except that it has no window (left for you to mod :) ) and is made of lightweight iron, plus the drivebays are screwless.

The case is modded to fit 2 x 12cm fans for optimal airflow ! (fans not included). The front fan will suck air through the front bezel while the rear fan can be mounted inside or outside the case.

Also included is a see-through Dual power supply mod (2 x 350W). 1 powersupply is dedicated to the Peltier and will autostart with the other psu when you turn on the pc. Both fans in the PSU have RPM sensors and the 92mm fan also has a changeable RPM range from 1500-3000. The 2 upper bays have to be equiped with short drives or u can put your lcds or stuff in it...

The Peltier is a 172 W 5cmx5cm model which draws 15amps at 12-16v (ideal for the included power supply and the most recent processors).

You can see the pictures below : (no wc included, if u have the money you can do a bid on the wc too DD maze3-1 + 2BIX).

I'm selling this stuff because I'm moving on to my next project and need funding for the Prometea I'm about to buy. I'm taking biddings for the Case+PSUs+Pelt together from 125.

Or case 50, dual PSU 35, Peltier 40 seperate. Greetz, Svekke.

(This add is also on Loveno Forums). Je kan ook altijd in het nl. antwoorden natuurlijk :)

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