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187(V)URD@ 19th May 2004 12:50

Vsync On Radeons
Well my game requires vsync so it looks better but now with the catalyst 4.5 i only can choose between "altijd uit" or "toepassingsgebonden" and not "altijd aan".

So that gives me walls with stripes and not very smooth playing.

a way to turn vsync on with a tool or so ?

kristos 19th May 2004 14:18

No idea, maybe with the omega drivers ...

187(V)URD@ 19th May 2004 14:27

someone who knows german because i think i found something to turn vsync on.

187(V)URD@ 19th May 2004 14:30

think i found it , called atuner , some software thing for radeons.

jmke 19th May 2004 14:31


187(V)URD@ 19th May 2004 14:38


Originally posted by jmke

yep that's the one y?

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