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piotke 19th October 2004 19:18

Very odd psu problem.

* new asrock kt400 based mainboard
* sempron 2400+
* 256 ddr
* older 250 watt psu

From the moment on I plug everything in, the cpu fan starts spinning, as well as the spu fan (but this one on lower speed).
note, I haven't pushed the on button yet, actually can't stop the spinning, no boot.
But as this is an older psu I tought, thus psu is faulthy.

Then I took a 350 watt yesico HQ passive psu. plugged everything in, press the power button, no boot. Not the slightest fan movement. But the psu works fine on my celeron 600 system. Weird, asrock ****ed up ?

Then I dug up a 300 watt passive psu, just to do a final desperate test. Guess what, system works perfectly.


* asrock setup is ok, works fine with 300 watt passive psu.
* yesico 350 watt psu is also ok, works fine with celeron 600, and with more testing lateron also fine in my shuttle
* older 250 watt psu works also fine with celly 600 setup...

wtf is going on ?

kr15t0f 19th October 2004 19:33

strange problem :s maybe god hates you

jmke 19th October 2004 19:38

yes, Jebus did it? :rolleyes:

something is f*kced up there Yesico pulled that A64 setup without problem; I'm thinking the cheap Asrock is at fault here; have only so-so experience with these boards. Richbastard even worse:)

piotke 19th October 2004 19:50

Indeed, but the problem is, I can't give it back to the shop, as it works....

I'll explain my problem there tomorrow... reset bios and everything, relly bummer, bleh

btw, will finish all the stuff asap, really really sorry :(

jmke 19th October 2004 19:56

no biggie mister P, as long as its finished! :)

sinanju 28th October 2004 10:16

Check your power switch connector from the case to the Mobo

You probably have it reversed.

piotke 28th October 2004 12:25

Power switch cannot be reversed, works alsways in both directions...

But I'm using a screwdriver for this.

Made a little prayer, bought me a news PSU, and it worked.

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