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umertahir 3rd October 2007 13:55

Using dual video card on Motherboard: Asus P5ND2-SLI!!

I need a little help to upgrade my PC, as I don't know much about Hardware side.

My motherboard is: 'Asus P5ND2-SLI/Deluxe nForce 4 Skt 775 Dual SLI PCI-E GB-LAN 1394 USB2 SATA/RAID Prescott and Dual-Core compatible ATX'

The video card I already have installed is 'PNY GEFORCE 7800GT 256MB DDR3 PCI-E DUAL DVI/HDTV-out'.

As the motherboard supports dual SLI video card, so I'm wondering does the second video card have to be same or could it be different GEFORCE one, as the one I already have has been discontinued for sale.


easypanic 3rd October 2007 14:15

You should look for the same card, looks like it will be second hand :).

jmke 3rd October 2007 14:25

the same card, but not the same brand, so any 7800 GT will do

umertahir 3rd October 2007 17:21

so is there any other 7800GT cards avaialable in the market of any other brand?

jmke 3rd October 2007 18:04

I would look through local forum & ebay sales to get the best value, if you buy it new, you will pay too much for the performance increase

umertahir 4th October 2007 10:30

I'll check on ebay, thanks

umertahir 4th October 2007 11:47

I have found few selling on ebay, ofcourse second hand, but they are something like:

* Gainward Bliss 7800GT 512Mb PCX Golden Sample
* Gainward nVidia Graphics card 7800GT PCI-E 512MB 7647

Would these have same chipset as mine one?

jmke 4th October 2007 11:52

best to look for a 256mb model:)

Kougar 5th October 2007 07:12

Yeah, you would be unable to use all 512mb of the second card. You would likely get better bang for your buck by just grabbing a newer graphics card and selling your old one. 7950GT 512mb would give about the same performance for instance.

That said: I do have a XFX 7800GT 256mb laying around though in its box if you live in the US and really want one.

jmke 5th October 2007 09:44

Location: Edinburgh ;)
but he's right, if you have PCI Express, wait around for NVIDIA 8800 GT series and ATI 2950 Pro, those cards are on the $200 region and will offer you twice the performance of the 7800GT, something you won't get from the SLI, which will only work up to 50-60% if most games

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