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GiantKiller 31st May 2003 10:42

Solution for Asus probe wrong MB & CPU temp wrong
I've got an Asus A7N8X non deluxe mobo.
Like everyone I had been changing some settings in my bios trying to improve my system.
At one day I noticed (using the Asus probe soft) that the readout of the temp's were wrong. MB temp's were way out higher than my CPU temp's.:mad:

How come ? I didn't know.

But yesterday I found the reason.:ws:
I've got a Hercules Radeon 9800 Pro with 128MB memory.
In my Bios the AGP aperture Size was set on 256MB.
Putted it back to 128 MB, restart the system, and ....

Temp's are again as they should be. MB :25C CPU:28C :super:

I don't know how come the AGP Aperture size can involve the temp's readout. But, perhaps there are other persons who have the same problem. So, check out the AGP aperture size.

P.S. : Not bad those temp's , euh. useing air cooling.;)

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