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piotke 9th April 2005 00:13

Sharing a PST file

I would like to use the same outlook mail file (*.pst) on multiple computers. First of all my home computer that runs almost constantly, but also my laptop. I want, when I get home, be able to connect to that file, and use outlook on the laptop.

So, during the day, using the PC to receive the mails, during the evening my laptop. Not to forget, I'm setting the check interval faster on the laptop then on the PC, so that the laptop would receive the last mails. Is there somethink like that possible ?

What's the best way to share/sync such a file ?

ow, the pst file now contains almost 15k mails, and is a gb large, so transferring it everytime throug the network is not an option.

Sidney 9th April 2005 02:41

Let me know when you find out.

The only time I could do 50% of what you want - I put .pst data file to a non-OS partition, move the emails needed to be acheived or saved to server .pst

Bosw8er 9th April 2005 11:06

on a network
.pst file on server in a shared map

- control panel
- post
- personal map
- add

other ways:
- use imap in stead of pop3 (or even forwarded gmail)
- for calendar app : plenty of choices of java or php - apps that you can put on a hosted webspot and you can access it from anywhere

jmke 9th April 2005 12:02

Re: Sharing a PST file
it's not possible to open the same PST on 2 Outlook's at the same time.

piotke 9th April 2005 21:46

and there is no other option ? perhaps sinchronizng two pst files ?

Sidney 9th April 2005 21:55

Unless you put .pst data file to your windows brief case; since outlook .pst is resident within it's own achieve structure you will have to move all emails (sent and received) from resident .pst to brief case for sychronization.

Like I said I too want to find a way you are trying to seek.

jmke 10th April 2005 11:49

the only way would be to install exchange server @ home which fetches emails from pop account, you can then access this mailbox through imap or directly with exchange protocol in Outlook from both workstation and laptop at the same time

AngeluS 10th April 2005 13:02

The solution I am using at home to have my laptop and desktop synced on mail is:
Tell in Outlook that he should not delete the mails on the server immediately but in 7 days.
That way you can get the mails on both pc's, only problem is that for some reason it gets the same email, from time to time, 2 times in it's mailbox.

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